Fiery Gizzard to Foster Falls

This fall, my wife and I did a 13+ mile hike from Fiery Gizzard to Foster Falls. This area is part of the larger South Cumberland State Park system up on the lower portion of the Cumberland Plateau. Fiery Gizzard is a place I have been visiting my entire life. It is a most beautiful and diverse place that abounds with natural beauty. The reason for our hike was somewhat bittersweet. You see, as of Dec. 1, 2015 a portion of the trail was re-routed as trail access through an easement based on a handshake across private property was revoked. I wanted to hike, document and experience the trail in it’s original splendor. This year I will probably hike it again experiencing the new trail section that bypasses the old.

This hike is a tough one and is not a loop requiring my wife and I to both leave a car at each end. 13-14 miles is tough for anyone and I new that sections of the trail were challenging. We did this hike in its entirety a few years back in late May. It was brutal then coupled with running out of water (my mistake, only brought 2 liters) and ended up getting attacked by a swarm of bees. Stings were had all over including head, face, chest, back and butt. I did not want a repeat needless to say. Late fall and carrying extra water assured pleasantness. It proved to be a good hike.

I took one camera with me, a canon A1 with 3 rolls of film and 3 lenses. 1 roll of Kodak ektar (wish I had brought more) and 2 rolls of Kodak gold. I shot all 3 rolls as the late fall foliage was absolutely stunning. Lenses brought were the canon 50/1.8 and 24/2.8 and a vivitar 28/2.8. Noah, are faithful hiking dog companion came with us. This was a long journey with many images so I am sharing quite a few of them. I will try and go in order from beginning to end so you can get an idea of the journey we had. If anyone wants to know more about this park, visit the parks WEBSITE and for the conservation minded folks who would like to participate in assuring park protection, visit the FRIENDS OF SOUTH CUMBERLAND STATE PARK website.  And last but not least, visit beautiful Fiery Gizzard!


Fiery Gizzard2

Fiery Gizzard3
























A stroll at Old Stone Fort State Park

A few weeks back I took a stroll at Old Stone Fort State Park.  This is a park my wife and I visit weekly as it backs up behind our house.  One of our favorite places and one I have shot at extensively.  This day I decided for a different approach.   To take a slow walk and limit my self with option, carrying only a Nikon FM, e series 28/2.8 lens and one roll of Kentmere 100 black and white film.  My tripod came along as well.  I walked slowly and with purpose, looking for what caught my fancy, finding new compositions and exploring off trail.  This approach always brings me delight as I have to really pay attention to my surroundings.  My creative juices flow so to speak.  I was pleased with this walk.  Very relaxing allowing myself to feel a part of.  Nature, the outdoors has always provided a sense of connection, a very spiritual experience, one I seek out routinely.  This was a needed excursion to Old Stone Fort State Park.  Here a few images from my walk.  I hope you enjoy it and remember to come by and visit my website sometime JPBuffington Photography.

old stone fort state park 1

old stone fort state park 2

old stone fort state park 3

old stone fort state park 4

old stone fort state park 5

old stone fort state park 6

old stone fort 7

old stone fort 8

old stone fort 9

old stone fort 10

old stone fort 11