Mood in creating an image

Mood in creating an image is an aspect of photography often overlooked. There are many variables to this process but ultimately, the goal is to bring an emotional element to viewing an image. Many times I go out with a vision in my head of what I am looking to capture. Others times I go out not looking for a particular image but for a particular mood. I touched on this briefly from my last post but will briefly touch on this some more.

During this winter, I want to fully convey this time of year. Not just through a 2d image, but by attempting to tie emotions to that image, or rather, a mood. Black and white film is exceptional for this but color can equally capture this. With color, the thought process is somewhat different. Thought to color palette in choosing a film is one area of consideration. But ultimately, for me, it is the entire process.

What I will highlight today is a few B&W images and a few color images taken recently. I chose to use a very old camera, a 1952 Leica IIIF with an equally old or older leica 35/3.5 summaron. The summaron delivers a delightfully low contrast image, flaring easily to bright points of light. I could have easily chosen a modern lens however I wanted character, mood if you will, of time forgotten, past, etc. In the color department, I chose a cheap consumer film. I had my professional films, my ektar and portra, but I wanted a film to impart imperfection. Visible grain was to be desired. Sometimes, the perfection is through the imperfection. Other times, it is the imperfection that is a part of the sum total that will aid imparting mood.

Here are a few examples, snapshots if you will, of just getting out and about with nothing planned other than to capture the dreary mood of winter. Or, mood in creating an image.

short springs

short springs 2

old stone fort deer

old stone fort deer 2

old stone fort sunset

old stone fort sunset 2

Monochrome motion

Traditional black and white film is an abstract medium, presenting an alternative reality that must be interpreted by the viewer. It is here that more elements can be interpreted from the scene. This winter, as color is muted and represents earthen tones, I have attempted to accentuate the mood and feeling of this dreary time of year and incorporate motion of water as a primary focus rather than just a part of the composition. Monochrome motion if you will. Whether I have achieved this or not is left up to the viewer and their interpretation however, I find that I often spend more time viewing these images which in the end, is what one desires. Time, thoughtfulness, wonderment about the image captured which can only be done through time spent viewing a particular image. What follows is just a few examples. A few of these images or more abstract with others being closer to straight photography. Enjoy!

below savage falls

monochrome motion

old stone fort state park

old stone fort 2

old stone fort 3

fiery gizzard creek

fiery gizzard creek 2

savage falls