Decaying Memories

The image above (click on link to go to my site) was captured several years back and I sold a print of last year to a client in southern California. One of the projects I have explored, off and on, over the years is capturing the decaying farm life in middle TN. So many old farm houses and barns slowly being reclaimed by nature.

I feel compelled to capture images such as this, of a life that once was and never will be again before it is lost to time and memory. I think of all the memories formed in this house, probably through multiple generations and possibly multiple families, starting, raising a family, retiring or moving on. What happened here? Where did the people go? What was their life like? What were their struggles and successes? What could I learn from them? I feel a bit sad when I capture these places and often times return a few years later with the place completely reclaimed by nature. The memories washed away by the rain.

The life of rural America has changed greatly and is disappearing, one barn and one farm house at at time. But we can still get a glimpse into a time that once was. However, these places are disappearing around us.

Captured on a Leica M5 with the 50/2 summitar and light yellow filter, kodak TMX film, Kodak pakon f135+ scanner, ever so slight retouching in LR.