Ilford SFX 200 – A pictorial review of IR possibilities

Wow! Long overdue blog posting that is much needed. I keep neglecting this site but need to add some fresh content. My plan was to do a series on my trip out to Guadaulupe Mtns NP and Carlsbad Caverns NP but that was waaaaaaay back in April and August in nigh upon us. I also want to do some wedding posting from some recent shoots but all of this takes time…which I like to spend photographing…or riding my dual sport through the dirt. So, here is an easy posting for me to add. It is from a roll of Ilford SFX 200. SFX 200 is a black and white film with extended red sensitivity into the infrared range. So with an IR72 filter (IR72 filter cuts out all visible light below 720nm, only infrared will be captured) attached to my Nikon FM and lowly Nikon series e 35/2.5 lens, I went a shooting. Some interesting results were had of which were intended which was to get the often desired “wood” effect. I developed this film in d-76 and scanned it with my Kodak Pakon F135+ scanner, slight editing in Lightroom 5. This is a brief pictorial review from a single roll, my only roll shot of this film. So, here are some images of Ilford SFX 200.
Ilford SFX 200 - Greens View

Ilford SFX 200 - TN River

Ilford SFX 200 - TN River 2

Ilford SFX 200 - TN River pano crop