The ability to serve others is a gift.  Many encounter this through their profession (in a service occupation).  However, nothing brings as much joy as doing for others without compensation, without expectation, just simply because you can.

This fall I had the joy of providing my wedding services to by step daughter and now son in law on their big day.  I do not shoot as many weddings as I used to (other commitments have take precedent) but am still proficient at the craft and was honored to be asked.  I wanted this to be something special so I chose a timeless medium for a good portion of the wedding: film.  I shot polaroids (impossible B&W instant film) to give all something to view during the reception.  A mixture of B&W (shot through a 63 year old leica) and color images.  Digital was also used.  I could not have been more pleased with the outcomes and wanted to share a few here.