A thought on black and white photography

This morning, I was having a quick thought on black and white photography. Not really even a thought but an awareness. I am moving personally to more and more black and white capture. Specifically in the realm of traditional silver halide emulsions but with digital as well. Granted, nothing like some fall colors or a brilliant sunrise/sunset however there is something about a monochrome image that holds my attention just a bit longer, makes my brain twist just a bit more. Nostalgia maybe, or maybe something more.

I think I will roll up a couple/three rolls of kentmere 400 for my overnight trip to Memphis to pack along with my M5.

Here is an image from 2 or 3 years ago. Granted it is digital (shot with a canon 5dmkii) however I have a stronger connection to it than some of my other images from here in color from this location.

Fiery Gizzard Creek - Black and White - panorama

Summer is long gone

Summer is long gone as fall is well under way. Next summer feels like a distant dream with winter on the horizon. Early evenings are still warm but will a cool chill just barely in the background, waiting to spring us full force into the dreary season. With the changing of seasons, I like to reflect upon the previous and nothing quite fits summer better than sunflowers. So this short post is just to show off some various sunflower images to remind of us of what was and will be again. The images are a mixture of both film and digital and from a local sunflower field and the one that was in my backyard. Enjoy one last vestige of summer!